Aspire Zelos 50W Box Mod

Aspire Zelos 50W Box Mod


The Aspire Zelos 50w mod is the perfect compact, sleek user friendly mod that will satisfy all mouth to lung vapers.

With its built in 2500mah lipo battery it will service enough battery life for days when used with a MTL tank. It can hit a maximum of 50watts and is both variable voltage and variable wattage.

In addition to this the Aspire Zelos also features precision temperature control where wattage can also be adjusted in this mode.

The Aspire Zelos mod is the smart choice for those looking for a sleek, user friendly modern looking MTL mod.

With elegant styling, an OLED display screen and a sophisticated set of vaping features, the Zelos 50 Watt mod is still incredibly easy to use.

A built-in 2500mAh Li-Po battery will power a full day of variable wattage vaping. In the future, if you decide to switch to sub-ohm or temperature control vaping with a different tank, a few simple button clicks will give you easy access to these advanced vaping modes.

The Zelos mod’s built-in Li-Po battery makes vaping simple and hassle-free. Just like a basic e cig, this computer controlled mod can be charged from any USB power source.

Just above the USB charging port you’ll find the two simple control buttons, a bright display screen and the fire button. For basic, variable wattage vaping you can set the output power anywhere between 1 and 50 Watts.

If you prefer to use adjustable voltage settings, clicking both adjusters at once will switch the Zelos mod into variable voltage mode. The mod also has a bypass mode, and a temperature control mode with advanced features.

This palm-sized, multi-function vaping starter kit comes with an elegant Grey, Black or Red, anodised aluminium finish.

You need to add a compatible tank which screws into the top of the box, The Aspire Nautilus 2 is the recommended tank

The Zelos 50W mod is 78 mm tall x 40 mm wide x 23 mm deep

The mod can be operated in six different modes to suit your vaping preferences

High capacity battery
Zelos has a high 2500 mAh capacity built-in battery. This measures how much energy it can store at one time. Higher capacities last longer before needing to recharge

Rechargeable battery
The rechargeable battery is LiPo (Lithium Polymer). LiPo batteries are light in weight, have higher capacities and higher discharge rates than other types of battery (they ‘pack more punch’)

The battery can output between 1 and 50 watts of adjustable power. This is powerful for a compact box mod and suitable for new and intermediate vapers

In vaping the battery power affects the amount of heat produced by the coil in the tank, which converts the e liquid into the vapour that you inhale

Adjustable power
Adjusting the power will have an effect on the amount of vapour produced and its temperature, the flavour delivered and the ‘throat hit’ that you experience

You can also adjust the power to take shorter or longer inhales but still create the same amount of vapour

You can control the power using the VW (variable wattage), VV (variable voltage) and bypass modes to suit your preference, explained later

Temperature control
The device also supports three Temperature Control (TC) modes which can be used to enhance flavour and protect coils from damage

The mod has an anodised aluminium shell which is durable and less likely to scratch than paint

The 0.69 inch OLED display screen will automatically rotate so that you can read it easily whichever way you hold the Zelos

Vaping styles
When used with the appropriate tanks and coils the mod can be used for regular or sub-ohm vaping and supports mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) styles

Using the Zelos 50W mod
The mod is easy to use with just three buttons to operate and information provided on the display screen

Turning on and off
Press the fire button five times in a row within two seconds at the start and end of your vaping session to turn the device on and off

Select mode
Press the + and – button together to choose the operating mode. Use + or – to scroll between modes and the fire button to confirm

Choose between VV, VW, bypass and TC (Ni, Ti or SS) modes. Compatible coils must be used for TC modes

VW mode
VW mode controls the power output from the coil. We recommend using this mode for simplicity when using variable power as you can just find your preference and leave it

VV mode
VV is an alternative to VW and controls the power input into the coil

Bypass mode
In bypass mode the power is not adjusted – the available voltage will feed directly to the coil

Adjusting the power
Simply use the + and – buttons to adjust the power output to your preferred level, displayed in watts or volts on the screen

Temperature control
These modes control the temperature of the coil rather than the power generating it. Some vapers prefer this for refining the flavour delivered and to avoid burning coils

Temperature control modes
The TC modes match the wire material inside the coil being used in the tank – Ni (Nickel), Ti (Titanium) or SS (Stainless Steel).

How to vape
Just place the mouthpiece between your lips and slowly draw in breath (for up to 10 seconds) whilst pressing the fire button

When to recharge
A battery indicator on the side of the display screen indicates how much battery power remains so that you know when to recharge

There is a micro USB port on the front of the Zelos. Connect this to a USB port or mains adaptor using the cable provided to charge

Additional features
Press the fire and + together to lock the controls so that you do not accidentally activate the device or change settings when switched on. Repeat to unlock

Press the fire button three times to enter or leave stealth mode – the screen will deactivate and only the fire button is active

Wattage can also be adjusted within the TC modes. Press the fire and – button together to access wattage settings

Safety features
The Zelos has all of the safety features you would expect – protection from short circuits, overheating, over charging, over discharges and auto cut-off

The pack includes the Zelos 50W mod, micro USB charge lead & user manual


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Aspire Zelos 50W mod made simple

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