Tigertek Springer X RDA 24MM

Tigertek Springer X RDA 24MM


The Tigertek Springer X RDA is an innovative vaping device. The neat feature with this rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) is the push-button coil connectors. With this amazing 24mm build deck, you don’t need to carry a screwdriver with you to fit or adjust your DIY coils.

As well as providing the usual airflow porting, the slots are tapered at one side. This gives you even more control of the airflow to each side of the deck. Tigertek even ship the Springer X with two coils and a cotton pad for your first build.

The most unique feature of the Springer X RDA is the design of the twin posts. Rather than having the usual screws for coil connection, two sprung push-buttons are used to clamp the coil wires in position. Each post is actually drilled with 4 terminal holes for various wire thicknesses and shapes. Close to the top of each post are two big, square holes for fat Clapton wire. At a lower level, there are two round holes for narrow gauge coil wires. This versatile RDA can be set up for single or dual coil operation.

For superior conductivity, the posts are lavishly plated with 24 carat gold. As well as providing additional tank seals in the spares bag, Tigertek also include a set of spare post springs and screws for long-term maintenance.

Like many of these new generation RDA’s, the Springer X RDA comes with a large Ultem style drip-tip and a Delrin alternative with a narrower bore. The Springer’s tall profile creates plenty of space for a deep e juice well. This makes the RDA ideal for serious cloud chasing with big coil builds. If you’re into flavours, the Springer X doesn’t disappoint – airflow can be precisely adjusted for a flavour-focused build.

1 x Tigertek Springer X RDA
1 x 17mm Ultem Drip-Tip (Fitted)
1 x 14mm Delrin Drip-Tip (Alternative)
2 x Pre-Wound Clapton Coils
1 x Cotton Pad
1 x Spare Springs, Seals & Screws Kit
1 x Allen Key For Spring Replacement

Tigertek Springer X RDA Features:
Size: 42.5mm x 24mm (with Ultem drip tip)
High capacity e juice well
Gold-plated 510 connector & protruding positive pin
Materials: Stainless Steel with gold-plated features
Comes with alternative Delrin drip-tip
2 Post build deck with push-button terminal clamping
High conductivity gold-plated posts
Each post has 4 different terminals
Square upper terminal holes for big coils
Round lower terminal holes for narrow gauge coil wire
Spare springs & screws provided for long-term maintenance
Allen key provided for spring replacement
Deck suitable for single or double coil builds
Tapered adjustable airflow ports
Suitable for single or dual coil builds
Comes with 2 x Clapton coils & cotton
Spare O rings provided
Capable of massive cloud production
Deep e juice well keeps coils saturated for longer
Easily adjusted to deliver superb flavour
Black and Rainbow colours in stock now

The 24mm diameter, Springer X RDA is designed for use with a wide range of 510 compatible mods.



This is an advanced e-cig product. Rebuildable atomisers are for experienced users only and should not be used by those who do not understand how to use them.

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Tigertek Springer X RDA

Tigertek Springer X RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is constructed from stainless steel in 24mm diameter. It features two gold plated posts and supports both single and dual coils. It is easy to build coils by two built-in springs. Springer X comes with progressive adjustable airflow system to control airflow by adjustable top cap.
Stainless steel construction;
510 threading connection;
Diameter: 24mm;
Height: 42.5mm (with Ultem 17mm bore driptip), 43.5mm (with derlin drip tip);
Two-post design;
Gold plated posts;
Progressive adjustable airflow system;
Support both single and dual coils;
Easy to built coils by 2 x built-in SS304 springs

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Anodised Rainbow, Black

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