Pick N Mix 80ml eLiquid

Pick N Mix 80ml eLiquid


Pick’N’Mix e-liquids are very popular for all of the right reasons…they are lovely!

But buying them in 10ml bottles can be a pain.

So why not “roll your own” by getting an 80ml bottle and adding Nicotine to make it 3mg?

how to add nicotine shots

Choose from these flavours:

All 60/40 VG/PG

Strawberry Milkshake
Vanilla Fudge
Sour Apple Laces
Fizzy Bubblegum
Strawberry Fizzy Belts
Mint Balls
Rhubarb and Custard
Blackcurrant Liquorice
Cherry Lips
Sour Cherries
Cola Bottles
Sherbet Lemons
Terrific Turtles
Watermelon Slices
Spearmint Chews
Fruit Salad
Foam Bananas

When you order we send you the 80 ml bottle along with 2 x 10ml bottles of Nicotine. They are TPD compliant but remember to take care when using them and keep them away from children!

You add them as above and you will have 100ml of your favourite juice with 3mg of nicotine.

When you do the maths you will certainly want to take this offer!

Additional information

Additional information


Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla Fudge, Sour Apple Laces, Fizzy Bubblegum, Strawberry Fizzy Belts, Mint Balls, Rhubarb and Custard, Blackcurrant Liquorice, Cherry Lips, Sour Cherries, Cola Bottles, Blackjacks, Sherbet Lemons, Terrific Turtles, Watermelon Slices, Spearmint Chews, Fruit Salad, Foam Bananas