Jam Vape Co 80ml eLiquid

Jam Vape Co 80ml eLiquid


Jam Vape Co e-liquids are very popular for all of the right reasons…they are lovely!

But buying them in 10ml bottles can be a pain.

So why not “roll your own” by getting an 80ml bottle and adding Nicotine to make it 3mg?

how to add nicotine shots

Choose from these flavours:

All 70/30 VG/PG

Blackcurrant Jam On Toast with Butter-On the inhale you are immediately hit with a rich blackcurrant jam which continues to grow into the exhale. On the exhale the creamy butter blends in with the jam and there are the back notes of toast. 

Raspberry Jam On Toast with Butter-Fresh Raspberry Jam coupled with a gorgeous buttery base, you won’t be able to put this one down!

Strawberry Jam On Toast with Butter-On the inhale you get a strawberry jam that has been turned creamy with butter. On to the exhale and the creamy jam continues through blossoming out and there are notes of toast in the back ground.

Orange Marmalade On Toast with Butter-On the inhale you get a bold orange that builds with the butter just hinting right at the back of the inhale. On to exhale and the orange just explodes across the palate with buttery tones and back notes of toast.

Lime Marmalade On Toast with Butter-A Zingy Lime hit with a creaminess of the buttery toast on the exhale!

When you order we send you the 90 ml bottle along with 1 x 10ml bottles of Nicotine. They are TPD compliant but remember to take care when using them and keep them away from children!

You add them as above and you will have 100ml of your favourite juice with about 2mg of nicotine.

When you do the maths you will certainly want to take this offer!

Additional information

Additional information

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