I Like Desserts 50ml eLiquid

I Like Desserts 50ml eLiquid


I Like Desserts e-liquids are very popular for all of the right reasons…they are lovely!

But buying them in 10ml bottles can be a pain.

So why not “roll your own” by getting an 50ml bottle and adding Nicotine to make it 3mg?

how to add nicotine shots

Choose from these flavours:

All 70/30 VG/PG

Strawberry Pastry-A light pastry enriched with a strawberry filling topped with cinnamon powder.
Pancake-Simply a delicious pancake vape. This may be your most delicious pancake all week!
Cookie Dough-We all love cookie dough right? Perfect all day vape for cookie dough lovers.
Cinnamon Dough-That oh so ooey,gooey, melt in the mouth taste of sugar icing and baked dough with a hint of cinnamon sweetness. Your favourite american bun!
Apple Berry Crumble-A perfect match to the traditional english crumble with a rich apple and blackberry filling finished over a light crumble biscuit with custard poured on top!
Chai Latte-A spiced Latte infused with Chai,Vanilla and other warming spices combined with milk.

When you order we send you the 50 ml bottle along with 1 x 10ml bottles of Nicotine. It is TPD compliant but remember to take care when using them and keep them away from children!

You add them as above and you will have 60ml of your favourite juice with 3mg of nicotine.

When you do the maths you will certainly want to take this offer!

Additional information

Additional information

I Love Desserts

Strawberry Pastry, Pancake, Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Dough, Apple Berry Crumble, Chai Latte