Fetish E Liquids-70VG

Fetish E Liquids-70VG


The Fetish range of e-liquids  are 70VG/30PG. Their taste is so distinctive as you either know or will discover!

Have fun trying them out.

Blue Slush…blue raspberries with a hint of mintiness
slubble..bubble gum slush puppy

Grape Slush…Purple grapes straight from the vine, these have been plucked and immediately crushed to make your fruitful grape slushie

Devilishly Purple…Explosion of sweet blackcurrants fighting with aniseed and menthol to detonate over your taste buds, think blackcurrant tunes

Strawberry Satire…A rich strawberry that coats your tongue washed over with eucalyptus and menthol

Lime Slush…Sweet and tangy to satisfy those awkward taste buds

Tropical Slush…Fresh juicy tropical fruits crushed over ice

Psycho…Strawberry wine gums

Heisenberry…A pretty blue juice with raspberries

Paranoia…Strawberry and guava rockstar energy drink

Tangerine Dream…Tangy tangerines surrounded by creamy goodness

Berrygasm…An array of fresh fruits to awaken the senses

Funfair…A candyfloss and raspberry rather sweet like well the funfair

Fizzy Kiss…Carribean fruits and lemonade

Compulsion…Sweet gooey strawberry marshmellow cheesecake

Millionaire Mocha…Creamy lavish caramel coffee with milk chocolate and a hint of buttery biscuit

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With so many ejuices on offer from Fetish the videos for each would make this page go on forever. So here is one to whet your taste buds!

FUN FAIR by heidi heisenberg's fetish gourmet elixirs range

review of Funfare ejuice by Fetish and Heidi Heisenberger
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Additional information


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Fetish Flavours

Berrygasm, Blue Slushie, Compulsion, Devilishly Purple, Fizzy Kiss, Funfair, Grape Slush, Heisenberry, Lime Slush, Millionaire Mocha, Paranoia Strawberry, Psycho, Strawberry Satire, Tangerine Dream, Tropical Slush

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