Kanthal Resistance Wire 10 m

Kanthal Resistance Wire 10 m


When you’re making a coil the resistance (measured in Ohms) depends not only of the resistance in the material but also the thickness and length of the thread.The thicker the thread (D) is the less resistance, and the longer the thread (L) then the more resistance. It’s expressed in mathematical terms like this:

ohm resistance = Constant x L/D where the constant depends on the material and the temperature.

0,16 mm is 34 gauge
0,20 mm is 32 gauge
0,30 mm is 28 gauge
0,40 mm is 26 gauge
0,50 mm is 24 gauge
0,65 mm is 22 gauge

Coils with less resistance gives more vapour, but also uses more battery power and liquid and hence doesn’t last as long before it needs to be replaced.

So our best advice is to try your own way forward.

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Additional information

Additional information


0.16 mm is 34 gauge, 0.20 mm is 32 gauge, 0.30 mm is 28 gauge, 0.40 mm is 26 gauge, 0.50 mm is 24 gauge, 0.65 mm is 22 gauge/5m

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