A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

.......But A Video Is Better

We all know that the best recommendation comes from word of mouth. Friends tell friends who tell friends .....and so on.

But being online means that people can voice their thoughts and opinions in order to help others decide.

And what better way to help members of the public than telling others about what you think of our Juices or your equipment....or even what you think about VapeSense? is your chance......and we will make it worth your while, by giving you a present.

If You CLICK HERE or click on the image you can make a video review and tell the world what you think.

We Have Made It Easy For You

You can do it from home......if you have a WebCam or from a phone.

The page has its own video recording ability.

Your email is asked for only so that you can be sent a link to our thank you page where you will see a coupon code that will give you a TEN percent discount on your next order of Juice. You will not go on any list!

Your review....good or bad....will go up on the site on the REVIEWS PAGE and may also go on YouTube and/or Facebook.. Check out the reviews posted so far.

If you are a local customer and usually buy at the shop rather than online then you can still take part as all you have to do is buy online and tick the shop you want to collect from. Your order will be waiting for you next time you call in.

So help us to help you to help others. Start your review HERE

P.S. Don't close the page after you press submit as it takes a minute or so to upload....and if you dont like the video then just refresh and start again!

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